Production Sound Mixing

Capturing the actors performances on set is of paramount importance.  The dialogue in a production is the grounding element in every soundtrack.  Let our Emmy Award Winning sound team capture the dialogue on your next film or television show.

Automated Dialogue Replacement

With so many years experience on location we understand how to match what the production sound mixer did on set.  Good ADR doesn’t call attention to itself.  Integral to good ADR is using the same microphones and placing the microphone the correct distance from the performer.

Sound Editorial

Choosing the right sound effects can bring your project to the next level.  Even if your film doesn’t have a blockbuster’s budget, it can still sound big.  We have a huge library of sound effects and also record custom effects for each of our projects.  Let us help you elevate your sound to the next level.


Foley has the effect of bringing you closer to your characters on screen.  We work closely with several foley houses to bring foley to your film at an economical price without sacrificing quality.  Alternatively if your budget doesn’t allow live foley recording we can cut foley from a library to help bring your characters to life.


Our 5.1 control room was acoustically tuned by Bob Hodas.   Whether you choose to mix entirely at Tibbo Sound for a Film, DVD, or Broadcast finish or premix elements for the final mix at  one of our partner Dolby Qualified stages for Theatrical release, you will get a great sounding soundtrack and we will save money.